My first “school” project – copying the BBC News site

This weekend I did not have much time for studying. It passed by like nothing. I was out in the beautiful Irish nature, drove around a huge desk (don’t ask… I still sit on the bed) and went shopping. Now it is Sunday night, and I am amidst my first challenge from the “Complete Web Developer Course 2.0”: Coding a copy of the BBC’s Tech News Website just with HTML and CSS.

My progress 3 hours into the challenge:


Still quite some clumsy code in there, I admit. And didn’t get far, either. But I want to expose it here, so I find the motivation to refine and finish it next week even though I need to attend my 39 hours job.

I assume that little is as challenging as the first few websites, because you really have no idea what you are doing, and you encounter tons of the most silly mistakes but it can take you hours to find the reason why it is just not working as it should (although debugging is a big part of a developer’s life). For me it was a simple mixup of two css selectors, and the whole navigation bar just didn’t bother at all about my styling attempts.

But hey, I’ll get there!



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