I’ve joined the #100DaysofCode Challenge!

… and I also joined GitHub, Gitter, stackoverflow, freelancer.com, fiverr and all kinds of sites that are recommended by other sides which were recommended to me by other sites. And my tabs are just starting to look like this every time I get into it:


Anyway, so in the codingJungle I came across this dude who started the #100DaysofCode challenge on GitHub. I spontaneously decided to join and also to keep track of my progress. Here’s the link: https://github.com/BohemianCodes/100-days-of-code

Actually, moving around GitHub itself is already a challenge to me – it just asked me to “fork a repo”. Ah, yes.

I like the idea of 1 hour of coding a day because it also allows me some space to do other things. Right now I am entering the codingJungle for up to 3-4 hours a row. Without even noticing. But hey, I learnt some jQuery functions today!  #freeCodeCamp rocks!


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