my WebDev Certificate; and next steps

On November 28th I finished the course I came to Berlin for: I have my Web Development certificate from CareerFoundry!

The week after finishing I spent in the Black Forest with my Dad, just to relax and be outside Berlin for a while. It was good.

In retrospective, these 3 months went by pretty fast. I arrived in Berlin in full summer bloom, and now we are amidst early winter, all trees are naked and it has already been snowing. It is time to really reflect on what it is that I want to do. Do I want a full-time job in Berlin as a Web Developer? Do I want to start freelancing right away? Maybe I want to volunteer for a while? In the end it is all about being of service. All I need is a little money starting off.

On a sidenote: I am accepting the fact that I may be a traveller all my life. It doesn’t feel natural to me to stay in one place forever.  Maybe I will never settle down anywhere, maybe the wind will always blow me further as long as I breathe. I don’t mind, if that is what I am meant to do, it will be fine.

It is important to always ask find out what your heart wishes to do. Don’t take decisions based on what you think you are “supposed to do” or what would be a “smart choice” only. You may close doors to amazing opportunities that you have never thought of. Life is full of mystery. Let it manifest all around you.

With these words I wish you a happy Hannuka, Midwinter festival and merry Christmas. Let the lights shine inside your home and heart!

Eliane ♥