Why you should not use fiverr as a freelancing platform

Hey everyone!

Today I want to write a quick article about the freelancing platform “fiverr”, and why freelancers should stay away from working there.

I have been offering German transcriptions on fiverr for the past few months and I have received 9 five-star reviews by now, because my transcriptions are good and my buyers were very happy. So far, so good. But a few days ago I suddenly started having trouble. I must have attracted the attention of the competition and I realized that as an honest freelancer with good reviews you will eventually get scammed out of there by other fiverr sellers.

First, many sellers offer gigs they don’t actually work on themselves, but “outsource” them to other sellers. In my case, I received an order from a seller from “Cameroon” who offers German transcriptions as a gig but doesn’t actually speak German. So the client buys from him, and he buys from me. This is problematic for two reasons:

  • The re-seller receives the good review for YOUR hard work
  • The re-seller can give you additionally a bad review to knock you out as competition.

The other scam the competition will play ist that they will send you work you cannot complete for whatever reason (in my case the audio quality was so bad that a transcription was impossible) and you are then forced to cancel the order and your ranking in the search will drop as a result. Beware that not all sellers are visible as sellers, some just open a second account to appear as a buyer and scam you from there. (The desciption of my scam-buyer stated: “I’m a magazine publisher and I usually need transcriptions and illustrations. I don’t really offer services, so yes y’all I’m a user baby… deal with it.”) Very professional, right? Think twice before you start working for these kind of people.

When I researched in the Internet, it seems fiverr’s customer service doesn’t really care about these incidents. Worst case, your account will be banned and you won’t ever see your money that you worked for, which apparently has happened to many.

To complete the list, here are the other disadvantages of fiverr:

  • You receive your money only after 14 days of completion of the order
  • fiverr takes 20% of your earnings, which is a huge amount as most of us have to already offer low prices and work for under minimum wage there.

After these troubles I experienced recently, I decided to not continue to work on fiverr and start finding clients by myself.

So, freelancers out there, beware of fiverr and find a more trustworthy way to offer your services!

Eliane ♥


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