About this Blog

photomania-415981cb3809734bf091145e75ef891dApril 2017, age 33, I decided to become a female web developer (okay, I am already female, so only the web developer part is missing). I have no degree, and at present a work experience of ~3 years on and off in customer service. I have been travelling the world on a shoestring in a nomadic lifestyle for most of my life (and that’ll probably continue). Freedom is what matters to me. Now I am looking for both professional and creative freedom – so I decided to become a #womanwhocodes or how I call it, a #codess. What I knew on day 0: A few HTML tags I remembered from high school days.

Here I am documenting my progress.

Have fun and if you want to connect – drop me a comment, add me on instragram or send me an email!

Eliane ♥