> if (time == 2018) do {become a Digital Nomad!} _

Alright… that weird time of the year we call Christmas and New Years… is over. No more excuses, no more laziness! It is 2018 and this year will be the year that I will make my dream come true: To become a successful Freelancer!

I have taken the time to let everything pass through my head and heart to see: What do I really want NOW?

Because the door is wide open. I can go in any direction.

But the question is, when given this chance: How well are we able to recognize our freedom every day, and if we see it, how well are we able to find our dream, our inspiration, and of course, how strongly do we believe in ourselves?

  1. The first step is to acknowledge our freedom. Not only at the beginning of 2018, or after our studies, but every day. Nobody should ever be able to make us do anything we don’t really want. But of course, you say. However, the hardest part in this scenario is to know what we don’t want. For example, after my Web Development course, everyone suggested to go find a job in Berlin and get some practise with my skills. And it does make sense, it’s a smart thing to do, so for a while I did look for jobs. Hell, I even got offers. But something didn’t want to go to these interviews. And when I took the time to reflect, I knew it was not what I wanted to do. I didn’t take the course to go back to working full time, I took the course to get out of the treadmill. And so I threw the jobs overboard and went to step 2.
  2. The second step is to know what we want. And not just within the small outlines of our “current situation”, because then we already limit ourselves. Of course it is important to be realistic and be able to make plans that have rhyme and reason and can be followed through. But, the visions should be big, not small, that’s important. When I realized that what I really wanted was to become a freelancer and travel developer, and when I decided that all I do will be geared towards this goal, I wasn’t done. Because in my mind I limited myself. I envisioned myself just having enough money to survive and being able to live in another, very cheap country like India. But wait, that is not how one should start working for a dream. Why not envision to become a successful freelancer, who offers quality work and is able to bring in up to 3000$ per month? I know it’s a high goal and I may not achieve it in a year, but it should be at least the vision in my mind. Because if I limit myself in my mind from the start, it will be much harder to grow and become successful. So ask yourself, what do you want to do in life? And not just work-wise. Because for me, the most important thing in life is the freedom to travel. No only for a certain timeframe, or a few weeks per year. I want to be able to travel whenever and wherever I want. I also want to be able to take vacations when I need them. I also want to have the ability to travel to the US, New Zealand or take a trip into the Himalayas. So I need to be able to work remotely and not be tied to a work contract, but also I will need more than 500$ per month.
  3. Third step: Believe in yourself. This may well be the hardest part of the process. Most of our parents do not teach us self-confindence, neither did our teachers or friends. At least in my case. My self-confidence is purely self-developed over the last two decades. And if you haven’t done so, it is good to start now! Because like I mentioned above, it is very easy for our mind to put limitations onto ourselves. And limitations are simply lies. The only limitations we have are the ones we set ourselves (and, I guess, the natural laws). You can find plenty of examples of people in the world that became very successful in a certain area despite having an obvious disadvantage or physical limitation, for example I have seen a drummer without hands. Or have a look at Stephen Hawking, he can’t even move his body but writes bestseller books and is one of the most famous scientists in the world. So you better start going for what makes you feel good, and what you are good at, rather then what you think you should do. Jim Carrey said once:

    “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

Alright, so I now have found what I want to do, and I started by believing in myself and giving myself a chance to go for it. Now, the next steps are going to be more practical: Which direction should I take? Which areas should I specialize my business in? Which skills to learn?

The time is now, always.

Eliane ♥


Galway, Git & Guinness

It is done. I quit my job, yesterday was my last day! Here I am, freedom!

Right after work I drove my car, myself and my stuff from Shannon to Galway, where I had booked accommodation on Airbnb for the next week. After that, I have no plans, but I am open to everything! Life, show me your magic! ♥

I arrived in Galway in the evening and it was raining heavily. I decided for a welcome pint in a local Galway pub, which is something I always do when I return to my favourite place in Europe. I went to the Salthouse, famous for crazy beer, and when I sat outside I started chatting with two young Irish guys who were both in tech (one stuying IT/Networking, the other one working as a software programmer). It was great to talk tech with them and I picked up a few new terms I had’t heard before. Then I checked into my Airbnb in Roscom near the sea.

The place is affordable, cosy and the host is very friendly. He even made me breakfast! And not only that – he also turns out to be a recent “Software Development” graduate from GMIT (one of Galway’s Universities). Now I see why it is a brilliant idea for me to hang around this city – because there are so many tech students around I will be able to learn from.

This morning during breakfast, I started chatting with Sean about programming languages. He repeated what the guy from the pub had told me yesterday – about this fancy thing (err… fullstack javascript framework) called “mean”: http://mean.io/

We then came to talk about Git and he confirmed to me how important it is to know how it works.  The conversation turned into a mini tutorial and he helped me to install Git on my computer, showed me how to push the files into the .git folder, how to upload them to Github after and also how to add the changes to the Repository. Yay Sean!


Here is the freshly uploaded Repository of my website on Github: https://github.com/BohemianCodes/BohemianCodes.com

Eliane ♥

Starting the Freelancer path!

So, today, shit just got real.

Today I signed up for a 399$ course which will teach me over the next 3 months how to become a professional WordPress Developer and work as a freelancer. Class starts on Monday, June 5th!

This is my first real investment into my new career.

I also fast-forwarded my leap into freedom today: I handed in my notice to the call center job in Shannon – where I have been working for the last 8 months (with a 6 week break in India). I will leave on Friday June 9th.

That’s, like, in a week.

And no, I actually don’t have huge savings. And what I have, I just invested in this course – and in a new laptop.

Well… shit just got real.

I’m very happy! 🙂

#freedom ♥



P.s. how do you like my little logo idea in the header?


Reclaiming my freedom_

It’s something I have been counscious of for a while now: Me and Full Time Jobs, we are not a good match. I am really just forcing myself through the week, day after day, and compromising both health and precious time. Now that I am for real starting to learn actual web development, I realize that I need a lot of time, time, time. One hour coding per day is great, but it is not enough. I already struggle to keep up with studying on lynda.com, on udemy and freeCodeCamp, but additionally I really want to keep my projects going: My little “Hello World” website bohemiancodes.com, this blog, and my “Iarthar” project about Western Ireland which is still in dev mode and has not been looked at for a while.

But I am not writing here to merely complain. I had an idea. It came to me Thursday morning before work, and caused me to arrive half an hour late.

My wish was (and still is, of course) to have as much time of my days and weeks as possible to study and code, as well as to be in nature – because my time in nature nurtures my sense of freedom and happiness, without which  I could not do anything. I was considering taking a part time job somewhere in Ireland, but there are absolutely no part-time jobs available in the whole country. So I had to throw that idea off.

All I need is a desk, a bed and some food. And then it came to me: Why not go back to volunteering on workaway? Maybe someone could use my freshly learnt development skills and would give me a bed and some food in exchange?

I have a workaway.info profile since years, I think it costs 29€ p.a., but it is well worth it. It works like this: As a volunteer you offer your help for around 20-30 hours a week in exchange for a bed (monstly shared room, sometimes private room) and food, but it all depends on the host, the location, availability and so on. I have worked in Costa Rica and Mexico through workaway, and had great experiences!

Alright, let’s have a look. I hopped on the website, entered some keywords and the first profile that came up I wrote a message to – and got a prompt reply. The host owns a traveling business (international trekking) and lives in North-West Ireland. He’d offer me a bed and food in exchange for updating content and cleaning his wordpress.org traveling business blog.

Since that morning, I can breathe better. I don’t feel like I am suffocating anymore. The host said he is in touch with some other workawayers, but I seem perfect. We seem to have a similar way of life as well. It always is a good sign, when both sides have a good feeling about it immediately. It felt like I did not have to make a decision. It seems like the decision had already been taken. My part was just to accept.

It may seem crazy to some people. But life isn’t about security, or smart moves, or even having good plans. It is about being open to the infinity of possibilities, and just about having trust in life. I realized that I had lost some of my trust in life lately, and that is when you start worrying and making yourself miserable. Time to let go of that.

Now, it seems like a leap into the unknown cold waters of the wild is going to be happening in my life (not for the first time). I will give up my apparent security and steady (more or less) income, but will reclaim my freedom, and drive out into the north to study and code, code, code…. and I absolutely love Donegal.

That’s what I am changing my career for in the first place, anyway. That’s what this life is all about: freedom!

Eliane ♥